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Next Monthly Board Meeting - July 12th - 4:30pm at McKamey

They call me Matai, Matt for short. I may look funny, and move funny, but I really am fine. I am gaining strength and will be running soon. Oh, and I don't just look funny, I am funny. I have a great sense of humor. If you need a laugh, spend some time with me. I'm a Green dog, that means I really want to GO GO GO and this kennel is borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring! Let me burn some energy with a little fetch or tug before we go into a room. I'll wear out pretty quickly, promise! If you have dog(s) at home, I'm required to meet them! #mckameyanimalcenter#chattanoogashelterdogs#pitbullsofchattanooga#muttsofchattanooga#adoptdontshop#shelterdogs #chattanoogarescues#bullybreeds#cha#chapets #adoptshelterdogs

Hey, I'm Strax! I'm easy-going and affectionate. I just want to hang around with you and go on walks and explore. ❤❤I can get along fine with other dogs, but I'm picky about it. I'd probably do best in a home with no other dogs or with older, settled dogs. Ask the front desk to meet me! I'm a Pink dog, I have heartworms which is NOT contagious and WILL be treated by McKamey. I need less physical activity (short walks only!) while I recover. Prevent bored and exercise my brain instead! If you have dog(s) at home, I'm required to meet them! #mckameyanimalcenter #chattanoogashelterdogs #shelterdogsarethebestdogs #shelterdogsofinstagram#tnpups #cha#chapets #adoptdontshop #adoptshelterdogs #foreverhomeneeded#rescuesofchattanooga #rescuedismyfavoritebreed #doglove


I am a volunteer at a shelter in Tennessee. One of the other volunteers had scrolled past this page, and she shared how the collar could be something we could utilize with some of the more difficult cases we see. With one dog in particular in mind, I decided for the minimal price I was willing to try anything! Deb was amazing going through the options with me, and getting them to me very quickly. I had told her how he was a good dog, just overly excited and never understood how to calm himself down. We received the collar, and it worked like advertised. Rudi's whole demeanor changed. When getting him out of the kennel, he was actually starting below threshold instead of way above it. He eventually got adopted after a lot of hard work and big thanks to the collar. After seeing the amazing work, Deb had included a second collar as we were not sure which Rudi would need. The second collar was extra strength. Since we had the second collar, we decided it needed to be put to good use. We have a dog that is all over you wheb trying to get her out of the kennel, and much like Rudi wants to jump and stay above her threshold( meaning she was overly excited and couldn't calm herself down). Once putting the collar on Moxxy, we are now able to teach her commands. We learned how smart of a dog she can be with a little help keeping her calm. We now know she can sit, lay down, work puzzles, and can go to her bed on command. The shelter life is a great halfway point for the dogs to find forever homes, but it can be very stressful being in a kennel 7 days a week. They get yard time and go on trail blazers, but for dogs that are more active like Rudi and Moxxy, it's not enough. These collars have been a true blessing for the couple dogs that have been able to benefit from them. Deb is amazing to work with, and talk to about what your expierencing and finding you the right fit for your dog. We volunteers that are part of a Diamonds in the Ruff group at our shelter are beyond thankful for everything Deb has done for these dogs. Thank you again! This is Moxxy sporting their beautiful Calming Collar while sunbathing! Pay close attention or you may not even notice it on her 😊

Huge thanks to Calming Collars for donating 8 of their magical collars to the shelter dogs! These herbal collars provide a soothing aroma that helps our dogs manage their stress, letting them focus on learning commands and meeting new people that might even become their forever family! And big thanks to our dedicated volunteers who work with the animals every day, giving them the love and attention they crave while they wait for their new home.

Who doesn't need a big fluffy rabbit?? Seriously this young man needs a forever home- he's a little over a year old. Needs someone committed to giving him a loving safe home. Ask to meet him!!❤️



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  • Scheduled Tuesdays-Fridays
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  • Call 423-305-6502.
  • Drop off between 8:00 and 9:00am,
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