McKamey Animal Center and Tagg-The Pet Tracker have teamed up to keep pets safe and give owners peace of mind. Since one in three pets will run away in their life time and Tagg shares our commitment to pet safety, they have created a device that allows owners to locate their pets at a moment’s notice.

Anyone who has lost a pet can tell you that it’s a stressful situation. Tagg uses advanced GPS and wireless technology to immediately alert you via text or email if your pet ever gets out.

Unlike microchips, which provide shelter staff with contact information once your pet has been found, the Tagg tracker takes a proactive approach. Tagg provides you with the location of your pet so you can quickly retrieve them using a map through the free Tagg app, or online. The light weight, durable, and water resistant tracker attaches to your pet’s existing collar.

We are proud to be one of the shelters Tagg has partnered with nationwide to improve pet safety and health. Though our shelter, pet parents will receive a 10% discount on the Tagg Tracker with three months free service when they enter TIF1006 and Tagg will donate $25 to McKamey!