Thank you for your willingness to open your heart and your home to some of our community¹s most needy residents, the homeless animals.The gift of your time and love are immeasurable. The rewards you receive for your dedication and devotion to these deserving animals will be the little paw imprints on your hearts that will last forever.

Foster Parents are a very important part of the McKamey Animal Center.

Without your help, we could not save as many animals as we do. McKamey may take in six to eight thousand animals in one year. This is an average of 20 animals per day. Some, as in the case of newborns, will be too young to adopt out and will need constant care. Some will need a little time to get over an injury or may need a little more socialization. There will be times that the shelter has simply run out of space and will ask a foster family to help

As you can see, this program is vital to the homeless animals of Chattanooga and thanks to caring individuals like yourselves, they will have a second chance at life. You will not be doing this alone. You will have the support of the Foster Coordinator, staff and other volunteers.

Please fill out the questionnaire and e-mail to, FAX to 423-305-6519 or bring into the Center during regular business hours.