The McKamey Animal Center welcomes the opportunity to partner with rescue organizations across the country in order to carry out the mission of the Center.  We are proud to qualify to be a participant in Petsmart Charities’ Rescue Waggin’ program and we look forward to partnering with organizations that share our mission and goals.

Rescue Partner Benefits

All approved rescue partners have access to pull animals that are available for rescue. Each transferred animal will leave the Center spayed or neutered, vaccinated, heartworm or FeLV tested, de-wormed, treated for fleas/ticks, and given heartworm preventative if applicable.  Microchipping is also available to rescue partners for a $10 fee to reimburse the Center at cost.

Rescue Philosophy & Guidelines

Please read through our Guidelines for Rescue Partners to familiarize yourself with what rescue partners can expect from the McKamey Center and what is expected in return.  The McKamey Center adheres to the Animal Rescue Association of America Animal Rescue Code of Ethics.

Animals Available for Rescue

To view animals available for rescue, you must be an approved rescue partner.  CLICK HERE  to enter your password and view the animals available for rescue.  If you do not have a password, contact Tricia at  Passwords are protected and cannot be shared.  Sharing a password could cause a rescue group to lose their approved status.

Becoming a Rescue Partner

Thank you for your interest in becoming a rescue partner with the McKamey Animal Center.  By working together, we can save more lives.  To become a rescue partner, please fill out the Rescue Partner Application and send a copy of your organization’s adoption and foster applications, adoption and foster contracts, a copy of your 501(c)3 status (if applicable) and two references (preferably shelters from which your organization has previously pulled from) and send to:

McKamey Animal Center

c/o Tricia Sebes

4500 N. Access Road

Chattanooga, TN 37415

Phone: 423-305-6503

Fax: 423-305-6505


Rescue Partner Application