City Pet Licenses – The City of Chattanooga requires that proof of spay/neuter be provided by your veterinarian along with a current rabies vaccination certificate. Pet licenses are required by law for every dog and cat over the age of three (3) months in the city of Chattanooga. If you pet is found to be without a license by a McKamey Animal Services Officer, Park Ranger, or Chattanooga Police Officer you will be ticketed to city court and fined an additional $20 late fee. The McKamey Animal Center is the official animal control agency of the city of Chattanooga.
To purchase a city license, please print the form below, fill it out completely and return it with a copy of your pet’s current rabies certificate and proof of spay/neuter in one of the many easy ways listed below. Please allow up to 4 weeks for processing. For faster processing, please bring all of the above listed paperwork into our Center.
   NOTE: When purchasing/receiving a city license through the mail
a $1.00 postage & handling fee will be added.
 >>>> Chattanooga City Pet License Application – FILL IN & PRINT

 MAIL – Sign and mail application along with current rabies certificate & payment to:

Attn: Kelly Edly – McKamey Animal Center – 4500 North Access Rd – Chattanooga, TN 37415

 FAX - Sign and fax application along with current rabies certificate & credit card info to: 423-305-6505 – Attn: Kelly Edly
 >>>> Online City Pet License Application (Upload of Current Rabies Certificate Required)  
HOW DOES A CITY LICENSE BENEFIT ME AND MY PET?Your city pet license allows your pet to be identified so that our Officers can bring him/her back to your home the first time he/she is lost.  If your pet is impounded by an Officer without a city license you could be subject to additional fees for impounding, boarding and vaccinations. We want your pet safely home with you.  Please take the time to identify your pet, and purchase your city license so we can bring your him/her back to you! Many lost pets are injured or in danger of being hit by cars on the busy streets of our city. No one ever expects to lose their pets, and even the most devoted pet can be scared by fireworks or slip out an open door.

It’s not just responsible pet ownership, it’s a law they can LIVE with.

** There is often confusion with members of the public thinking that the RABIES TAG that your veterinarian provides your vaccinated pet with is your city license.  If you live within the city limits of Chattanooga, and your pet is not wearing one of the license tags pictured above, you are not in compliance with the current city ordinances.