The McKamey Animal Center offers a Trap, Neuter and Return program to the City of Chattanooga residents. This program is designed to assist residents with controlling the feral cat population in our local area. TNR allows caretakers to trap feral cats, alter them, and release them back into the “wild” the following day. As the city animal shelter, it is our duty to help support population control and save lives. Studies have shown that programs like this will help control the feral cat population over time. You may contact our TNR program at
DETAILS – TNR package includes:

  • 1 for $25 and each addl. for $15 when brought at same time – SPAY / NEUTER
  • Rabies vaccine, certificate and tag
  • Ivermectin (dewormer)
  • Procaine penicillin G benzodiazepine injection (antibiotic to help prevent infection at surgery site)

TNR surgeries are allowed on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  No appointment is needed and drop off of cats is between 8:00 am and 9:00 am, and pick up is allowed any time after 4 pm the same day. One cat per cage/trap. McKamey policy requires that each cat must have its own individual trap for surgery and recovery. McKamey is not responsible for any traps so please make sure your trap is labeled clearly with your name and phone number. We do have traps available for rental, with a $50.00 deposit that is returned in full once the trap is returned in the condition it was received.

Watch this short video about feral cats.

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“In the United States, we have been accustomed to the idea that the best thing for an unwanted cat is to be surrendered to a shelter. When the shelter is reasonably sure of finding the cat an adoptive home or providing it with lifelong humane care, this is certainly the case. However, we now recognize that admitting more healthy cats than can be released alive over time does not necessarily serve cats, communities or shelters well.” – Kate Hurley DVM, MPVM, Koret Shelter Medicine Program, U.C. Davis