Program Ended August 7, 2015

2015 LOGO WEB Approximately 40% of the dogs that enter the McKamey Animal Center are Pit Bulls or Pit mixes.   These dogs are often hard to place because of stereotypes and misconceptions about the breed, or because they have been abused or misused. In order to proactively block the influx of these dogs, and greatly reduce the number of unwanted or unmanageable canines entering the McKamey Center, a proactive community program dubbed the “Bully Blockade” is available to residents of the city of Chattanooga.  The Center has been awarded a $110,000 grant from Petsmart Charities that will enable local participating veterinarians and Wally’s Friends to join McKamey in the mission to alter a minimum of 2,000 Pit Bulls and Pit mixes.  Our goal is to work together to stop the influx of unwanted puppies!  The dogs are often referred to as one of the “Bully Breeds” due to their block heads and bulldog ancestry not because of their temperament!
Who Is Eligible? Any resident of Chattanooga living within the city limits who owns an unaltered Pit Bull or Pit Mix is eligible to receive a certificate. Hamilton county residents who DO NOT reside within the city limits are NOT eligible.
 Rabies Vaccination Required? All dogs that are altered through this grant must be vaccinated for rabies at the owner’s expense.  Please bring proof of rabies vaccination to show vet at time of surgery. McKamey sells rabies vaccinations for $10.
How Do I Schedule Appointment for McKamey to do the surgery? Call our appointment line at 423.305.6500 Ext. 205 (Leave Message)

Thanks to Petsmart Charities, Wally’s Friends and local veterinarians we can all work together to reduce the number of homeless and unwanted pets in Chattanooga!