Chatt-a-Neuter is the McKamey plan to help reduce the unwanted cat population in Chattanooga.  It targets stray, feral and owned cats and is designed to assist in promoting and enabling the spaying and neutering of cats.  It is our goal to encourage a community environment that promotes acceptance and responsibility so that the citizens will help us execute a plan that controls and protects the cats abandoned by society that exist in Chattanooga.
Chattanooga Cat Statistics:
(Calculated from Best Friends website:)Estimated Cat Population of Chattanooga, TennesseeEstimated Number of Cats 42,950

Estimated Number of Feral (Community) Cats 23,620


Estimated Costs Associated With Discount Packaged Alteration and Return Per Cat

Trap/Fieldwork $50

Packaged TNR Procedure $20

Estimated Cost of Discount Packaged TNR in Chattanooga, Tennessee $70


Estimated Costs Associated With Feline Eradication Per Cat  (McKamey DOES NOT support or condone cat eradication)

Trap/Enforcement $50

Sheltering $40

Food/Supplies $40

Laboratory Tests $10

Eradication/Euthanization $40

Estimated Cost of Eradication in Chattanooga, Tennessee Per Cat $170


Estimated Savings for Taxpayers in Chattanooga, Tennessee Through TNR

(Cost of Eradication x Number of Feral Cats – Cost of TNR x Number of Feral Cats) $451,100

Estimated Savings in Chattanooga, Tennessee with Discounted Sterilization & TNR

(Cost of Eradication x Number of Feral Cats – Discounted TNR x Number of Feral Cats) $2,303,900