This is how we measure success at the McKamey Animal Center…one forever home at a time. And while we’re always looking forward to our future and to the future of the animals, we often stop and take a look at our past — to find out where we’ve been and remember those dogs, cats, and other critters with whom we have crossed paths. Take a moment and come along on our successful journey with us.

Kai is doing excellent. Every day she does better and better and we could not be happier with this little puppy. She is so smart and learns commands very quickly. She and Jonsi get along very well and we can already see a life long friendship forming. Thank you for all of your help and devotion to bringing us together.

  Lady JaneI just recently adopted Lady Jane. I was asked to stay in touch! So if you wouldn’t mind sharing this with your adoption staff I would really appreciate it! Please thank them for everything they do! They truly are amazing people! As are you, thank you for your amazing work as well! Lady Jane is such a blessing in my life, and I thank you and all the staff for the selfless work you all extend to animals day in and day out! I will be forever grateful!
   Wrangler now MacsI would just like to thank your staff for being so nice and pleasant there.  On 10-13-2012 we saw Wrangler(#38488) online and just had to have him. So I drove from Murphy, NC to your animal center which is approximately 85 miles to adopt him.He has been a joy to have.  We changed his name to Macs.  He has room to run and play with Maddy our other dog in this picture. She too is a rescue dog. She was approximately 6 weeks old when I adopted her and we love her dearly as well.I just wanted to say thanks again for what you do and send you this picture that he is doing well.
  TeraMy name is Tera.  I’m the blonde in the attached photo.  I just wanted to say thank you for taking care of me until my new family adopted me this past July.My big brother Levi is really nice.  We each have our own bed in the house and we get treats every day.  Our fenced back yard is big and we have a deck that overlooks it where we can watch for squirrels and rabbits to chase.

My FAVORITE thing to do is to go on walks around the neighborhood with my big brother and our humans.

When I was adopted I had some medical issues, so my new family took me to the animal hospital right away to get me checked out.  Everything was benign, so I’m all healthy now.  I want to encourage other humans to look beyond our imperfections.  My family took a chance on me and now I have a great home where I’m loved a lot.

  I wanted to let you guys know that I adopted a beagle from you a little over two weeks ago.  You guys called her Little Princess. I have renamed her Kelly and she is wonderful. I love her very much. She is doing great. Most of all she is happy. My husband and I spoil her rotten. She is a joy.
   Curtrisa now Jazzi is enjoying her new digs!
  Johan now Johnny Cash was adopted in September 2012We changed his name to Johnny Cash and he loves it! He is still in training but happy. He has a large fenced-yard that he shares with Snoop Dogg, a yorkie mix. They are about the same size and love to run and chase one another.Cash has a forever home with us. We love him so much and he loves us too! He is a very comical and funny and friendly little dog. Thank you for caring for him so we could adopt him and enjoy his playfulness and affection!Posted 11-9-2012
  BoPeep was adopted in September 2012We adopted BoPeep yesterday and she is doing great. She is very even tempered and housebroken. I can’t believe she has spend her whole life in the shelter!Posted 11-9-2012
  Joba was adopted in June 2012I just wanted to give you a report on Joba.  We adopted him two months ago from McKamey and he’s doing wonderful.  The whole family has fallen in love with him and he loves everyone back.  He had a spa day at Pet Smart yesterday.   When I picked him up at 4:00 I was told he was great and was welcome there anytime.  He loves  people of all ages, from my 6 week old granddaughter to my 84 year old mother in law.  I also have an autistic granddaughter who Joba treats very special and with a lot of care.  No doubt the Joba knows she’s very special.Thank you so much for taking such good care of Joba until he and I could have a chance to meet and he could become part of our family.  You’re doing a great work there.  Keep it up please.Posted 8-13-2012
  Chevy now Bruiser was adopted in April 2012As a family we searched for the perfect addition until we found our big boy. His name was Chevy but after two days he earned the perfect name of Bruiser after he steamed rolled me in the back yard while playing. We were both fine but he loves to be a bruiser from time to time so the name just stuck. Now he and my son both have a dirt hole that you can’t keep them out of but they are best friends and are always together. Bruiser is now 58 pounds of pure muscle who thinks he is a lap dog who loves to get hugs. We are all so glad that we found Bruiser and can give him the life that he deserves. Thank you McKamey!!!Posted 8-10-2012
   Macy was adopted in April 2011My Macy is absolutely adorable!  She is my little cuddle joy! She is friends with everyone in the neighborhood and the yorkie “Bella” is her BFF!  She is such a happy little girl and makes everyone around her smile!  We will have many, many years of happiness together!  Thank you for having my forever friend for me!  Posted 8-10-2012
  Andy now Graham was adopted in June 2012My husband surprised me for my 24th birthday with a dog leash and bone!We went to McKamey and fell in love with our puppy Graham. From hisfluffy ears to his quirky personality – we knew he was ours! We are so lucky to have found him, he has added so much to our lives!  Here is a picture that help to capture his spunky and sweet personality!Thank you McKamey for helping us find our “forever pup”…we love him so much! :)Posted 7-28-2012

 Brodie now Nugget was adopted in June 2012

We had just lost our beloved “Rentu”, a 4 year old tuxedo cat back in May.  As a family we decided to adopt another cat instead of a kitten.  My daughter, Talon, fell in love with Nugget after an interview had paired him with our family.  There were plenty of choices to choose from but Nugget knew we belonged together from the very first minute.  I knew it too.  Ever since he has come home, he is so happy!  He loves to soak up the sun in our front window in the mornings and sleeps in both our bed and our daughter’s bed at night.  He loves the constant attention he gets and we love him for it!

Thank you to everyone at McKamey, for making our family whole.

The Shelton Family

Posted 6-25-2012

  Jule now Mollie was adopted in May 2010She’s brought me so much joy!   HeatherPosted 6-22-2012
  Lily was adopted on 5/5/2012 I looked online at the animals in McKamey’s shelter and came across Lily. She was such a beautiful little girl from the pictures, so I had to call and find out about her. When I found out that she was still at the shelter I just knew she was the kitty for me. I went to McKamey to finally meet her and to my delight she was even more beautiful and was such a little talker/so curious. Since taking her home she has been such a joy and even my mom’s cat Elijah is in awe of her. She greets me when I get home and tells me good bye in the morning :). She sleeps right next to me and follows me everywhere. I just love this sweet little kitty and thank McKamey for all they do for these sweet pets!Posted 6-22-2012
  Garland now Lando Meowrissian was adopted on 12/1/2011Lando was an anniversary surprise, and the best one I could have ever asked for. We were meant for each other. He greets me as soon as I walk in, and has to say goodbye when I leave. He loves to lay on my feet, because he knows I will give him pets. If he sleeps on the bed, he HAS to sleep curled up next to me. He has brought more happiness than I could have imagined.Posted 5-14-2012
  Prescott now Max was adopted on 3/6/2012Max is such a good baby!!! He is being spoiled rotten by all his new family members. Our grandson loves to walk Max.   Posted 3-24-2012
  Pauly now Dolly Parton was adopted on 11/30/2011Dolly has been a joyous addition to our home. She is very gentle….even when chewing (hehehe). I provide her with lots of chews that are “okay” tho. She is in her 3rd week of puppy kindergarten and is learning “no”, “stay”, “come”, “drop”, “fetch”, “out” (that’s a very important one) ;-)  She sometimes tries to test her authority with our much older Jack Russell, Tassie. But Tassie is quick to let her know who is boss without being nearly big enough to do any harm…hahaha. They are fun to take to the dog park and excercise. I wonder sometimes just how big Dolly will get. She has such very large paws and long legs now. Heehee, kinda like me I guess. Maybe she’ll grow into hers and I will too. Thanks McKamey for being there for these wonderful petsPosted 3-24-2012
  Flora now Flo-Jo was adopted on 11/18/2011After seeing Flora’s beautiful face online, I fell in love with her before I even met her. About a week after she joined our family, her name changed to Flo-Jo because she loves to run…like a greyhound…which is awesome since my husband is a runner. Flo-Jo is so smart, loving, entertaining and funny. She is perfect for our family. Posted 2-28-12
  Hambone now Gibson was adopted on 9/10/10 After a year and a half, Gibson is still always smiling, always licking, and always wagging his fluffy tail! He’s my prince charming, and such a blessing every day. Despite being such a heathen, he brings a joy to our home we never knew before! This once “McKamey Moocher” is forever welcome to mooch, shed, and snuggle in our household – we are so thankful for his delightful spirit. Thanks, McKamey!! Posted 2-24-12
  Omega now Beau was adopted on 6/21/11 We adopted Omega back in July of last year and I wanted let you know how beautiful he is as an almost grown dog. I am 59 years old and have had dogs all of my life and have never had one that is as cute, loving and full of life as Beau is.
  Velour now Tabitha was adopted 9/2011Tabitha has found her forever home.  She had been adopted twice before and returned each time.  She is a most pleasant three year old and loves her new home.  She has her own bedroom but mostly sleep with her owner at night.  She has formed quite an attachment to me.  She enjoys being out on the screened in porch even when it is nippy.  She is able to push the door open when she is ready to come in. She loves my computer and enjoys chasing the cursor all over the screen.  I am very pleased with my adoption and am thankful that McKamey is here in Chattanooga. Posted 1-31-12
  Bubba now Duke is looking very regal in his new home!
 ragdoll  Ragdoll was found lying on the side of the road after being hit by a car.  Animal Services officers brought her to McKamey where our veterinarian amputated her leg and saved her life.  She has healed completely and has found a forever home through our adoption program!
madisons-christmas-card  Madison is ringing in the new year!
hambone Hambone is enjoying Christmas in his forever home!
violet-1 Violet is enjoying her new home!  She loves to hiking and rock climbing!
hattiehappy-tails-pup Alyssa and Hattie make a great pair!
image006 Kittens Paige & Periwinkle fit in their new home purrrrfectly! 
jersey Tamara Huskey says that adopted puppy, Jersey, is best buddies with Maggie, a puppy they got the week before Jersey (shown below). They bonded quickly and enjoy napping and playing together – what a life!
pascha1apascha-with-cat Pascha (formerly Monet) was adopted by Lindsey in December 2009. Pascha enjoys chasing squirrels and birds in her new backyard but when not distracted has learned to sit, lie down and stay. She gets to travel with her mom just about everywhere including work where she cuddles on her special bed. Pascha loves to be in her mommy’s lap or arms and even gets along well with Toulouse, Lindsey’s cat. She recently went on her first hike with Lindsey’s friend and her dog – they enjoyed running through the forest and chasing critters – the dogs that is!
cheeto Cheeto (formerly Fish Man) is enjoying his new home with the Mahaffey Family.  He’s keeping his 8-year old Dalmation companion, Duchess, active and playful instead of crotchety. He also loves chasing the feather duster like he’s chasing his tail!
fletcher-t-bobo-formerly-bucko Fletcher T. Bobo (formerly Bucko) is enjoying his new home in New Hampshire.
layla-formerly-tweetie  Layla (formerly Tweetie) in her new home in New Hampshire.
 yale1treasure3dodger  Yale, Treasure and Dodger were sent to a rescue group in Rhode Island. This is just one example of how we’re networking with groups all over the country to find forever homes for every animal.
 brickspawscrossed-smallbrickwindowgoodclose-small  We received an extremely nice note from recent cat adopter, Carolyn Mitchell. While we don’t normally post every letter that we receive, we thought this one deserved special attention. Photos of Brick are first and the letter follows. Decide for yourself whether or not this is a great story!Last Christmas I went out to McKamey and spent the morning helping with the cats. I thought it would be a day when volunteers might be scarce and I wanted the opportunity to get to know – at least superficially – as many of the feline residents as possible.At the end of the morning, one cat seemed to me the most in need of a home. His name was Brick.He was terribly shy. When I picked him up, he froze stiff with terror in my arms. In the getting-to-know-you room, he quickly burrowed behind me and never came out. Back in his condo, he sat in the litter box so he could be as close as possible to the rear wall of the compartment. He reminded me a bit of a Great Dane. His head was so large in proportion to his body.The next day I returned and adopted him. The adoption was announced over the PA system and everyone applauded the news.  On our way to my car, two of the staff members followed us out to say good-bye to Brick and express their delight that he was going home.Brick quickly lost his shyness around me and within a week he was very much at home. In his past, he had spent some time in a garage, so traffic sounds startled him and he sought refuge under the bed. Now he’s much less sensitive to automobile noise. And when guests come calling, he walks confidently into the room and greets them.In the spring Brick was extremely interested in all the activity outside and I feared he would want out. But as the weeks passed and the heat increased, he has become content in my little bungalow, galloping from the screened front porch to the screened back porch, climbing to the top of the kitchen cabinets, skating on an area rug and of course sleeping in my arms every night.We have great fun arm wrestling. I wear two gloves on my right hand for protection, and we go at it a couple of times a day as an outlet for our human-feline energy and aggressiveness. I have to laugh at the comical killer-cat look he gives me during these matches that end with treats for Mr. Brick.Brick also has a window in the living room from which he can observe the proceedings in my holly bush and dogwood tree, in our postage stamp front yard and on the street. He is most intrigued by a gray stray with a white-tipped tail that I feed on the front steps. He does not care for the stray but I am trying to teach him philanthropy.I have opened up the basement – which you enter from the kitchen —  but Brick will walk only to the basement door at the top of the stairs and then quickly turn and move away. This behavior mystified me since all my other cats adored the basement – something of the Palisades Park for puddy cats with cobwebbed hiding places, dim areas to explore and the occasional critter to chase. Then one day it hit me. Brick thinks the basement is the garage.My deep gratitude goes out to everyone at McKamey who took care of Brick during his stay there. I guess you can tell I am over the moon about my big, bad, beautiful baby boy. And I think he’s pretty proud of himself for making it through the hard times and maybe even realizes that while his new home is very modest, he’s very rich in love.When I got him, Brick weighed 7 pounds and change; now he’s pushing 12 pounds. That profoundly sad countenance I thought would never leave his face has given way to a hopeful look and when he sleeps it’s clear his mouth line forms a smile.
faith-burton-smaller  Faith (formerly Princess) Burton – this was the very first adoption from the Center in July 2008!
cocoa-elliott-smaller  Cocoa Elliott
sophie-and-patrick-elb   Sophie and Patrick Elb
wilson-formerly-jarek  Wilson (formerly Jarek)
dirty-frank-brethen Dirty Frank Brethen
trix-formerly-rachel-smaller Trix (formerly Rachel)
hines-formerly-cowboy Hines (formerly Cowboy)
kalle-and-asha-brown Kalle and Asha Brown
red-formerly-alvar-smaller Red (formerly Alvar) on the left with his two sisters.
hoover-formerly-littly-sammy-smaller Hoover (formerly Little Sammy) with his new family.
zeppo-with-girlzeppo-with-boy Zeppo Caylor is adjusting well in his new loving home.