Maddie when found in backyard!

Maddie on the clinic table prior to being shaved down.


Maddie in her new home!


Maddie’s story is one the staff at the McKamey Animal Center will never forget.  Animal Service Officer Rebekka Gayton received a call about a small dog that was “matted beyond belief” in the back of a city resident’s yard.  Officer Gayton responded to the call.  When the owner showed her the dog named Madison, she was shocked, “I have never seen a dog matted this badly.”   Officer Gayton decided to give Madison’s owner a chance to correct the situation and told her she needed to take Madison to a vet and have her shaved down.  Two days later, Officer Gayton found Madison in the same condition so she impounded the dog and cited the owner for animal neglect.Madison was anything but friendly.  She was an agressive mass of hair, mud and feces.  It was impossible to tell which end of the dog was her head and which end was the tail.  The clinic staff at the Center had to sedate Madison to get near her.  It took four McKamey staff members, four sets of clippers and four and a half hours to shave her down and find that she was a purebred Cocker Spaniel.  For days after being shaved down, Madison continued to act aggressively.  Then after seeing that the staff was taking care of her by feeding her and keeping her living space clean she started to let go of her agression.  Little by little, Madison warmed up to the staff and after being at the Center for three weeks, she would sit in caretakers’ laps and lick them on the face.

Madison became affectionately known by the staff as Maddie and she carved a special place out of our hearts.  She bounced around the Center like a three month old puppy.  She was discovering the world all over again, free of pain and suffering.

Maddie’s owner was taken to court and was charged with animal cruelty rather than neglect as cruelty is a greater charge.  Maddie tested  positive for heartworms, a fatal illness dogs can contract from mosquitos.  Because of her health, Maddie had to go to a rescue group that could cater to her special needs.

All Breed Rescue of the Carolinas stepped up to the challenge.  With help from Pilots N Paws, a group of volunteer pilots that transport animals in need across the country, Brittany Thadani President of All Breed Rescue welcomed Maddie into her pack.  After arriving in Raleigh, North Carolina Maddie was spayed, treated for heartworms, and began behavior training classes to socialize her with other dogs.  She was eventually placed in a wonderful home where she is spoiled rotten.  Maddie was given a second chance at life thanks to Officer Gayton, McKamey staff and volunteers, and Brittany of All Breed Rescue.

Oakley with his new owners!


Oakley came to McKamey as a stray in early September of 2011.  He was in such good shape, we figured someone would come looking for him but no one ever did.  He was placed in a new home only to be returned a few months later.  Again we adopted him out and again he was returned to the Center.  Bouncing from home to home can be very stressful for a dog and of course, having one of our dogs come back repeatedly was disheartening to our staff.  Fortunately, Little Bits Rescue & Adoption offered to pull Oakley from the Center and they quickly found him his final and forever home.  We are happy to report that Oakley is doing well with his new parents and Yorkie sibling!


Lovey in her forever home

LoveyLovey’s owners surrendered her to McKamey Animal Center after owning her for 5 years because they were moving.  Lovey was a special case because she had no eyes.  Knowing that it would be difficult to place her in a forever home we called upon Southern Comfort Maltese Rescue and they took Lovey without hesitation.  Because of their dedication to the breed and their wonderful resources, SCMR found Lovey the perfect home.  Her new family drove all the way to Tennessee from Florida to adopt her.  SCMR reports that Lovey is very pampered, receives superb veterinary care and has an extensive wardrobe of doggie duds.  Her new family says, “Everyone loves Lovey.  She means the world to us and brings us so much joy with her cute swishy walk, her bunny hop, and her sweet kisses.  She is just one wonderful girl and we love our Miss Lovey.”