Each week, we will post an adoptable pet Pick of the Week from a volunteer and a staff member.
Katie Cook Pick of the Week 3-26-2014 Dispatcher Katie chose Jinx

Jinx is looking for his forever home and is hoping you’re it!  His main goal in life is to bring you happiness and share adventures with you! Dogs with high energy are often best paired with an active family with prior dog ownership experience.  A dog like Jinx comes with a few easily correctable social problems like being a bit mouthy. When a dog is provided little or no training as a puppy, it never learns the difference between playing roughly with its littermates and gently exploring with its teeth. As our skin is not quite as tough and resilient as a dog’s skin, we are more prone to claw marks, bite marks and scratches and with that, the natural over-reaction. Correcting this behavior is as easy as playing with your dog. By recreating the noise of a littermate in pain, you allow your dog to recognize that they are being too rough with you. Simply “yelp”, then turn away from your dog as if in pain. The dog will begin to associate his rough bites with your displeasure and the behavior will soon cease! As with anything, consistency is key and negative reinforcement never works. Also, giving your dog distractions, like providing him with a task to complete is helpful in keeping him from getting bored. Kong makes toys resilient to strong jaws and placing a treat or peanut butter inside is a great way to help your dog stay busy and keep his mind active!

With some simple training techniques, Jinx would make the perfect addition to your family. Come visit Jinx today!!

For more information on curbing behaviors like play biting and mouthiness, please visit http://www.aspca.org/pet-care/virtual-pet-behaviorist/dog-behavior/mouthing-nipping-and-play-biting-adult-dogs

 Leah & Lori Caretaker Leah chose Lori“My staff pick of the week is a four year old American Staffy named Lori.  She has been with us since December and we would all love to see her go to a loving family she deserves!  Lori is an active and cuddly girl whose favorite things include kisses and tennis balls.  We also recently found that she is excellent at catching frisbees.  If you’re looking for a dog to take on adventures during the day and curl up with you at night then Lori just might be your girl!”
 Ashley Lain - 3-6-2014 SM Adoption Counselor Ashley chose Peach“I chose Peach because she is so sweet and she is always ready to cuddle.  She would be a purrrfect addition to your home.  As the song goes, ‘All you need is love’ and she has plenty to give!”
 Courtney & Abiel 3-12-2014 Caretaker Courtney chose Abiel

“Despite her bashful demeanor towards new people, Abiel is very affectionate once she knows you!  She loves playing as much as cuddling and cheese flavored treats are her favorite.  I know Abiel would love to meet a patient and active family.  After all, everyone’s a stranger until you say hello!”

Ashley & Kara 4-10-2014 Adoption Counselor Ashley chose Kara“Kara is a very loving and energetic dog.  Her spastic, ‘life is a ray of sunshine’ attitude always puts a smile on my face.  She’d be a perfect addition to any family!”