Anyone can be a part of the Homeless Pet Clubs at McKamey Animal Center – all you have to do is get a group together that wants to help Chattanooga’s homeless animals find homes!  These groups can be:

  • school classes or clubs
  • businesses
  • community organizations
  • any group that wants to help!

Each Homeless Pet Club chooses an adoptable animal from McKamey Animal Center.  Then the Club works to find that pet a forever home – through flyers, posters, email, social networking, projects, events; whatever you want to do to promote adoption! The pets featured below are available to be a part of the Homeless Pet Club. To start a McKamey Animal Center Homeless Pet Club or for more information, contact Volunteer Coordinator

 Taylan  Taren Sandy2
 Taren  Taylan  Sandy
 Sponsored by Alpha Phi Omega  Sponsored by Alpha Phi Omega Sponsored by Alpha Phi Omega