Our vision at McKamey Animal Center is comprised of four main pillars focusing on spay/neuter, advocacy, enforcement and education.Spay/neuter- Provide spay/neuter to all animals in our care. McKamey Animal Center has implemented the Chattaneuter Van. This van serves residents of Chattanooga transporting pets for spay/neuter surgeries.  The van is also utilized to carry animals to rescue destinations so that they may be adopted.Tennessee has a fabulous resource for Spay/neuter in Tennessee. The toll free hotline number is 1-866-907-SPAY (7729). The goal of the hotline is to give pet owners all over Tennessee a number to call to get a referral to subsidized spay/neuter programs or clinics in their area. The web site is and is updated several times a week. The hotline and the website are programs of CAIT (Companion Animal Initiative of Tennessee) at the University of Tennesse in Knoxville.


Advocacy- Be recognized, respected and trusted as the leading resource, advocate and educator on animal welfare issues in our region. We will rescue, provide shelter, heal and help find forever homes for animals in need.


Enforcement- Through education and leadership, we will work to improve local, regional, and state ordinances and laws that pertain to animals and animal care. Actively promote humane behavior, respect for animals and the public, and professionalism for Animal Services.


Education – Promote the humane care of animals by educating our volunteers and the community on spay/neuter, long term-pet care and owner responsibility while inspiring community action and compassion on behalf of animals.

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