Anti-Cruelty “RUX BUCKS” Campaign

The chain was imbedded three inches into her neck…Infection was extensive; the stench overwhelming when officers discovered Liberty chained to a barren wire fence.  No food, no water, no shelter. No human compassion.In spite of her pain, the distressed puppy wagged her tail, her eyes softly pleading for help when Mckamey officers approached. Her complete trust in humans intact, she remained sweet and gentle, even though it was the neglect of her owners that nearly severed her neck.  A soft whimper as she gingerly licked our officers hand was her only protest to the pain of being released from her torture.

Just 24 hours after she was brought to McKamey, Liberty was on her way to recovery. In our clinic, the veterinary team responded quickly to deal with her pain and infection. The chain and wire collar were cut from her neck and the entire circumference was clipped, cleaned and sutured closed.

Following two weeks of rehabilitation in the center’s clinic, Liberty was ready to go to a caring, loving home. Within a week, she’d found her forever family.

Every injured, abused or abandoned pet from the city of Chattanooga comes to us with a story of fear, sorrow and pain.  Your contribution has a direct effect on our ability to give them a second chance and end ignorance and abuse right here in Chattanooga.

In spite of the efforts of McKamey and others fighting animal cruelty, it remains a problem.  In a six-month period of 2010, 149 citations for serious animal cruelty on the local and state level were issued in Chattanooga many hundreds more for neglect.

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