Hurricane Harvey Response

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We know everyone is very concerned and heartbroken for the animals of Hurricane Harvey and we at McKamey Animal Center are deeply committed to helping them. We assure you we are doing all we can to assist even though we are 800 miles away. We are deploying rescue staff and vans to work with the national organizations who are on the ground in Texas and Louisiana to shelter and care for the animals. McKamey is accepting Harvey animal victims at our center.

Most of the Texas and Louisiana shelters were already full before Harvey hit. Those animals need to be relocated to allow the remaining functioning shelters the room to take in the lost pets that still have owners looking for them. We will do all in our power to help pets and people affected by this dangerous storm and its aftermath. We truly could not be here to assist these animals in distress without you.

We treat for heart worms at McKamey, so a number of dogs we are accepting are heart worm positive. We will need some loving long term foster parents for those situations.

How Can You Help?

  • We need small fleece blankets, big dog toys, big dog leashes & collars, big dog chews (Nylabones & Benebones) and treats and gas cards for our transporters going into the flood zones.
  • To Donate: CLICK HERE (write for Hurricane Harvey animals in Special Instructions)
  • We have been overwhelmed with foster applications so we are currently good in that department.
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