2021 Senior Pet Calendar

Can you think of a more pawsome gift than a calendar of senior pets, photographed with love, and incorporated into a calendar designed by MAC volunteers? We think it's the cats meow, to be purrfectly honest.

This year you can support MAC's Angel Fund which provides critical funds for above and beyond care in addition to MAC safety net programs that support neighbors in need.

MAC's Angel Fund has provided dozens of special surgeries including amputations, eye removals, tumor removals, and more, to save animals that have come through our doors. The fund has also provides emergency services to victims, giving their pet safe haven while they deal with a crisis.

Our "golden nuggets" are beloved animals that hold a special place in our hearts as we work hard to find them forever homes out of the shelter. A calendar in their honor is doggone fantastic!

** Want to give as a "thank you" gift to your clients? Purchase in bulk! contact Mindy at mkolin@mckameyanimalcenter.org for details.