Behavior & Enrichment Manager

Are you passionate about animal behavior and training, love to share your knowledge with pet owners and caretakers, and want to apply your expertise to help shelter animals? Then McKamey Animal Center, located in scenic Chattanooga, TN, wants you to be our Behavior and Enrichment Manager! This position will be responsible for ensuring the emotional and behavioral well-being of every animal sheltered at MAC, and for supporting the community in better pet caretaking. CPDT, IAABC or similar credentialing required.


The Behavior and Enrichment Manager is responsible for ensuring the emotional and behavioral well-being of every animal sheltered at McKamey Animal Center, assuring that every pet MAC places is a safe companion for the public, and supporting the community we serve in healthy and safe animal caretaking. Working collaboratively with staff and volunteers, the successful candidate will bring their CPDT, IAABC or other professional credentials to bear in furtherance of: assessing animals for determination of appropriate placement pathways; developing and implementing behavior modification plans to improve the adoptability of animals; and ensuring that each animal receives appropriate enrichment and socialization each and every day.


• Hourly Rate: $16.00 per hour (subject to change based on experience)

• Schedule: Flexible, weekend and evening hours likely

• Benefits: Medical, dental, holidays, retirement plan

JOB RESPONSIBILITIES (includes, but not limited to):

• Develop innovative, effective protocols and procedures for performing behavior assessments, animal training, and behavioral modification programs in accordance with industry best practices.

• Develop and implement protocols and procedures for enrichment of sheltered animals in accordance with best industry practices.

• Develop and implement protocols and procedures for screening and selection of animals for adoption, foster care, transport, rescue, and other placement options in accordance with best industry practices.

• Provide ongoing behavioral support and oversight for animals while in shelter care.

• Support the public in preventing and resolving behavior challenges that otherwise might result in relinquishment.

• Develop curricula and train staff, volunteers and the general public on topics including, but not limited to, safe and humane animal handling, enrichment and behavior, delivery of enrichment programs, playgroups, behavior assessment and monitoring, and support for clients with concerns about behavior issues.

• Oversee staff and volunteers in the performance of their respective job responsibilities related to animal behavior and enrichment, and promotes the development of related skills.

• Ensure that MAC maintains compliance with applicable provisions of the Association of Shelter Veterinarians’ Guidelines for Standards of Care in Animal Shelters.

• Accurately maintain records and daily paperwork, behavioral statistics and other records and data as required.

• Ensure highest standards of professionalism and customer service whenever interacting with others.

• Work closely with MAC veterinary, animal services and animal care staff and volunteers to ensure the highest standards of animal health, welfare and lifesaving.

• Perform humane euthanasia in accordance with shelter standards, as required.

Job Qualifications and Skills

• Demonstrable knowledge of basic domestic animal care and safe/humane animal handling required.

• Demonstrated proficiency in animal behavior assessment and modification required.

• Strong animal handling skills and demonstrated understanding of basic animal health, care and welfare issues required.

• Must be computer savvy.

• Ability to maintain composure in an often stressful and emotional work environment.

• Ability to make sound judgments and work independently and in a team setting in a fast-paced environment with demonstrated ability to juggle multiple competing tasks and demands.

• Proven organizational skills and attention to detail, and effective record keeping ability.

• Ability to relate to and confer with Veterinarians, shelter leadership, co-workers and the general public in a positive and constructive manner at all times; ability to exercise good judgment when dealing with the public and when making decisions in the absence of leadership.

• Ability to effectively train and mentor others.

Education and Experience Required

  • CPDT, IAABC or other professional certification in animal behavior/training required.
  • Minimum of 3 years dog/cat training experience required.
  • At least 1 year experience working in an animal shelter or similar setting preferred, including experience evaluating the behavior of dogs.
  • Demonstrable knowledge of current animal welfare issues.
  • Fear free certification highly desirable.
  • High School diploma required.
  • Must be at least 21 years of age (required for insurance purposes); valid driver’s license and insurable driving record.

Physical Demands And Working Conditions

The physical demands and working conditions described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

  • Potential for standing/walking/bending up to eight to ten (8-10) hours a day.
  • Must be able to performing physical tasks like animal restraint, physical examinations of animals, scrubbing cages, cleaning floors and more.
  • Must have quick reflexes and ability to use both hands simultaneously (example: open cage door while handling animal, react to escaping animal).
  • Occasional lifting of up to a hundred (100) pounds with assistance.
  • Ability to bend and squat in order to leash/harness, and/or pick up an animal.
  • Ability to see well enough to move safely around the building, distinguish animal body language, read instructions, and read an animal’s paperwork.
  • Ability to hear if an animal is giving warning signs, such as growling, yelping or hissing.
  • Ability to effectively communicate verbally.
  • Ability to cope with a very loud environment due to animal noises.
  • Must not have strong allergies to dogs, cats or other companion animals that can’t be managed by medication, or to chemicals used in grooming or cleaning. Must not be highly allergic to peanut butter.
  • Exposure to high noise levels, zoonotic diseases, and animal bites/scratches when handling animals.
  • Exposure to all weather conditions when outdoors.

McKamey Animal Center is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We reserve the right conduct criminal background checks and requires drug testing of all employment candidates.

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $16.00 per hour