Animal Protection Services

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McKamey Animal Center Jurisdiction

McKamey Animal Center (MAC) is the proud provider of 24/7 Animal Protection Services for the Cities of Chattanooga, Red Bank, and Lakesite.

Please check this link for Hamilton County's GISMO Mapping system to see where your address is.

Unincorporated Hamilton Co- Humane Educational Society

East Ridge- East Ridge Animal Shelter

Contact Us

If you are experiencing an animal emergency or would like to make a report, please contact our Animal Protection Team at 423-305-6500 and press 1. Due to the high volume of calls, our Dispatchers are often times already on the phone. Please leave a detailed voicemail with your first name, last name, phone number, address of report, relevant information, and description of the animal(s) and we will be in touch with you ASAP.

You can also contact our team for non emergencies via phone at 423-305-6500 ext. 2 or via email at:

If you have specific questions or a complaint, please email:

City License and Rabies Vaccination Requirement

All pets over the age of 3 months old are required to have a current rabies vaccination and city license when they live in MAC's jurisdiction (Chattanooga, Red Bank, and Lakesite). To obtain a city license, a pet owner needs to provide proof the current rabies vaccination. You may submit the document(s) online here or come in person to our admissions office Tuesday-Saturday 10am-4pm.


  • Altered/Fixed Pet = $10
  • Unaltered/Not Fixed Pet = $50

If over 65 years old, you can obtain up to 3 free licenses if all three pets are altered!

**We offer public Spay/Neuter appointments if you are interested! Check out our programs here!

Benefits of a City License:

  • Comes with a tag that helps ID the pet if they get lost
  • Keeps your pet protected from rabies exposure
  • If your pet ever accidentally bites someone, having a current rabies vaccination helps keep the pet at home with you for their 10 day bite quarantine!

These are the main issues we educate people on daily.

To view the full Animal Ordinances for Chattanooga, click here.

To view the full Animal Ordinances for Lakesite, click here.

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