MAC Fosters keep an animal in their home for a limited amount of time. These pets could be sick or injured, in need of behavior modification, neonates who are too little to be spayed/neutered, or those who simply need a break from their kennel.

Studies prove that inviting a shelter animal into your home for a short period of time can change their life - Fostering increases their chance of adoption!

What are the Financial Expectations of Fostering?

MAC will provide all preventative care and medical needs to the foster animal, but ask that foster partners provide blankets, litter, litter boxes, food, toys, and other necessities while in your care. This is considered a donation to MAC. We are happy to provide acknowledgment. If you are fostering a neonate we will provide all necessary equipment such as formula, bottles/nipples, and heat source.

All foster animal medical treatment is provided by McKamey Animal Center, as long as the pet is brought to us. We do not reimburse for treatments provided at private veterinary clinics. If you have any pets of your own, we ask that they be up to date on vaccines and flea/tick prevention. You will also need an area of your home to be able to isolate your fosters from personal pets when necessary. If a personal pet contracts an illness from a foster pet, we will not cover the expense to treat your pet(s).

Ready to Get Started?

The first step is to fill out the foster application below for the animal type/species you would like to help with. Our Foster Coordinator will reach out to you in a few days for more information and to connect you to an animal awaiting foster!

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Pets Awaiting Foster Care