Foster Partners


Thank you for considering becoming a foster partner.

Foster partners keep an animal in their home for a limited amount of time, often while the pet recovers from an illness or injury, or foster pets who need the extra socialization and care the home environment gives.

Studies prove that inviting a shelter animal into your home for a short period of time can change their life - Fostering increases their chance of adoption!

MAC will provide all preventative care and medical needs, but ask that foster partners provide:

  • Blankets, litter, litter boxes, food, toys, and other necessities while in your care.
  • Take trips to dog-friendly areas (if available for adoption) for outings and public exposure; avoid areas where dogs are known to be off-leash, please.
  • Remain in contact with the Foster Coordinator throughout the duration of the foster.

While fostering, if you fall in love with your foster animal, no worries! Foster fails (as we call them) happen all the time, and adding your foster to your family forever is OK with us.

Fosters are notified when a potential adopter has inquired and are given 24-hours to complete an adoption or bring the animal in for a meet and greet with the potential adopter.

Thank you for your kindness and willingness to support animals in need. For more information, reach out to Abby Gienapp, foster coordinator at or call 423.305.7140

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What type of foster cat is right for me?

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What type of foster dog is right for me?

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