Hurricane Response

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Dear McKamey Supporters:

We want to say thank you - thank you for your gifts, your support, and your faith in our efforts to help the hurricane victims.

As you all know, Hurricanes Irma and Harvey arrived in September bringing devastating rain, winds, and floods. In addition to our ongoing work helping animals in our own community, McKamey Animal Center partnered with agencies nationwide and locally to assist in the relief effort for pets affected by those storms.

Because of you, we took in 83 animals from the hurricanes and provided them with vital veterinary care and shelter until they could find a home. We helped evacuate pets before the storm hit. Now we continue to work to help those animals in greatest need from across the country. We are also assessing and responding to the changing needs as they arise.

In the meantime, we continue to help the animals we've rescued and of course help so many others from our very own region. And the work has not slowed down.

You have been an enormous part of this collaboration. Your support of pets during the tragedy of these hurricanes has been tremendous, and you are a critical part of our rescue team.

Thank you for always being there for the animals when they need you most.

We'll keep you updated.

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