Lost Pets

How to find your lost pet:

1. Register your lost or found pet with MAC below .

2. Visit McKamey Animal Center and every other shelter in the surrounding area to physically search for your lost pet – call 423.305.6500 ext. 3 to schedule your lost pet walk-through appointment at MAC.

  • Many pets roam and are found more than 10 miles from where they were lost.
  • Well meaning citizens may transport your pet to their home, a veterinary facility or a shelter closer to where they live.
  • Personally look for your pet – the description you give over the phone may not match someone else’s interpretation of your pet when they are asked to decide if it could be yours.
  • Leave a lost pet report and a current photo of your pet at all locations you visit

3. Notify friends and neighbors that your pet is lost with emails, posters and flyers. Sometimes your pet is just a block away! Post fliers in a minimum of a three mile radius of where the pet was lost.

4. Contact all veterinarians in your area. If there is a veterinary association see if they will do a broadcast email for you to all of their members.

5. Contact any media lost and found websites or bulletin boards.

6. Check “found” ads and take out a “lost” ad in local newspapers.

7. Check websites such as www.craigslist.org, www.pawboost.com, www.fidofinder.com, www.petharbor.com.and www.petcolovelost.org

8. As heartbreaking as searching for a lost pet can be please DO NOT GIVE UP! Pet’s have been reunited with their owners months or even years after they were lost.


What you can do to safeguard your pet:

ID YOUR PET FOR LIFE / MICROCHIP YOUR PET: Statistics indicate that most lost pets are never returned to their owners. Microchipping is a simple injection, like a vaccination, that leaves a tiny microchip, about the size of a grain of rice, under your pet’s skin. The information on this microchip is saved in a nationwide database so that lost pets and their owners can be reunited. You wouldn’t leave home without your identification, so why leave your pet vulnerable? McKamey Animal Center offers microchipping to cat & dog owners living in the city for $25.00. Schedule your appintment for a microchip here.

See Stray Pets at MAC

These pets have been found as strays. Those without ID will be held for five days before being processed through the shelter system. Those with ID, or a known owner, will be held for ten days before being processed.

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