Keep Your Pet Safe This 4th of July

Keep your pet safe this 4th of July! This holiday is often very scary for animals. Check out our tips to keep your furry friends safe this weekend.

Keep your pets indoors, check to make sure their ID is up to date, create a calming space for them, and have a plan in case the unthinkable happens! We are here to help you in any way we can.

Keep Your Pet Safe

Keep your pets indoors. The sound of fireworks is often very scary for our pets and can cause them to run/escape. Fireworks will often start before the actual holiday, and end days after. Be prepared.

Check Their ID

Make sure each pet has a collar with their identification tags securely attached, and their microchip information is up to date with your correct contact information.

A Calming Space

If you know your pet will be nervous from the sounds, create a safe space for them where they are surrounded by their favorite things. We recommend consulting with your veterinarian for pet anxiety solutions such as medication or CBD products.

If You Lose Your Pet..

Unfortunately, it does happen. If you lose your pet and live in Chattanooga, Red Bank or Lakesite, check with McKamey Animal Center. There’s a chance your pet will end up with us! Check online with the MAC lost/found Facebook page, local social media groups, neighborhood watch groups, etc.

Contact MAC

If you do lose your pet, call 423-305-6500 to set up a lost dog/cat walk-through at our shelter. We always want to reunite you and your pet if possible!