Winky's Story of Hope

When a local homeowner heard tiny meows from her backyard one morning, she went out to investigate. In the middle of the grassy yard was a tiny grey and white kitten, covered in dirt, crying for help. Once she got closer, she could see right away something was wrong - the tiny kitten had a bulging eye and needed medical help right away.

The little kitten was brought to MAC in hopes of receiving life-saving care. She was given the name Winky by staff, knowing the eye would need to be removed as soon as possible.

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In many shelters, a kitten of her condition would have had little chance of survival because the surgery necessary to save her life requires special technical expertise and is extremely costly. But at MAC, we are dedicated to saving as many animals as possible, regardless of what that takes.

Winky was sent to a loving foster home with antibiotics to prevent infection and help with pain management, and once she was healthy enough, she came back to MAC for her life-saving surgery. Today, Winky is perfectly healthy and the most playful kitten - all thanks to you!

Support from generous, caring animal lovers like you, make saving lives like Winky's possible. We can’t save more Winky’s without you!

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$25 - Feeds a litter of puppies or kittens for a week.

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$75 - Neuters a dog to prevent generations of unwanted puppies.

$100 - Provides medical care for a litter of sick kittens.

$200 - Treats heartworms and provides lifesaving treatment for one dog.

$500 - Provides amputation or other essential surgery for one homeless animal.

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