Wildlife in our Community


The Chattanooga Zoo is proud to be a fully licensed wildlife rehabilitation facility in the state of Tennessee and the only facility currently serving the Chattanooga area. If you have found an injured or orphaned animal, please contact the Chattanooga Zoo at (423) 697-1319 or visit their website for more information at: http://www.chattzoo.org/about/rehabilitation.

Thank you for helping care for our local wildlife.

The Chattanooga Zoo is honored to help with your efforts.


Having trouble with a bee swarm on or around your home? Want to have them removed? These folks can help:

  • Charlie Hall – 423.320.7422
  • Andrei Miclaus – 912.414.1587
  • George Diamantis – 423.667.3996
  • Chad Poole – 423.635.2665
  • Marcus Moyers – 423.505.3213
  • Nat The Bee Guy – 423.544.3322

This list is provided as a courtesy. McKamey does not endorse or have any affiliation with anyone on this list.If you or your company would like to added to this list email: jeff@mckameyanimalcenter.org