Slumber Paw-ty

Bring home a shelter dog or cat for a sleepover!

Dog in pjs.jpg

A night or two at your house could be just what an animal needs to get adopted! Many pets find the noise, smells, and chaos of a busy city shelter very stressful. Studies have shown that even one night out of a kennel helps the animal feel more relaxed when they return. Additionally, you can provide much-needed information on what the pet likes and dislikes, which can help find the perfect forever home for them!

A Slumber Paw-ty is available for any adult animal (see our foster and adoption program for puppies and kittens) on the adoption floor. You can pick up an animal for a Slumber Paw-ty any time we are open for adoptions and keep them for one to three nights. Please note, we are NOT open on Mondays and therefore cannot accept a returned animal on Mondays.

McKamey can lend a crate if you need one to secure the animal when left alone, but you provide all food, toys, and bedding. All pets are vaccinated, spayed/neutered and microchipped before going to a Slumber Paw-ty. For safety, cats are NOT allowed outdoors. Dogs are NOT allowed off-leash (except in a securely fenced yard) or in areas where other dogs are off-leash.

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