Spay & Neuter Appointments

Please Note: Due to COVID-19 staffing impacts, we can only offer these services to residents of Hamilton County at this time. We appreciate your understanding.

McKamey Animal Center offers a variety of Spay / Neuter programs to pet owners and the community. They target stray/feral cats and owned cats & dogs and are designed to reduce the unwanted pet population of Chattanooga and surrounding areas.

Please Note: TNR Surgeries have been canceled for the following dates: 8/24/22, 9/21/22, 10/19/22, 11/23/22, and 12/28/22. For questions, please call 423-305-6500 ext. 5. We thank you for your understanding.

Domestic Cats

  • Males $50
  • Females $60
  • Must purchase rabies vaccination for $20 (or have proof of current vaccination)
  • Must be brought to McKamey in carrier.
  • Includes: surgery, antibiotics & de-wormer
  • City residents must purchase city license for $10

Large & Small Dogs

  • Males $75
  • Females $100
  • $30 additional fee for dogs 75 lbs. and over, hernia repair, cryptorchid, pregnant/in heat dogs, other special circumstances
  • Must purchase rabies vaccination for $20 (or have proof of current vaccination)
  • City residents must purchase a City License for $10

Feral Cats / TNR

  • Wednesday Only - no appointment required
  • First cat is $35 ($25 for surgery & $10 for rabies vaccine)
  • Additional cats brought at the same time are discounted to $25 each
  • Only two cats per person are permitted for TNR surgeries.
  • Feral / Aggressive – MUST be brought to McKamey in trap.
  • Required to be ear-tipped.
  • Includes: Surgery & Penicillin

Spay & Neuter Appointments for Owned Animals

Call 423-305-6500 ext. 5 to schedule appointment (Leave Message) or email

Click Here to Book Your Appointment Online

NOTE: We perform our TNR surgeries on Wednesdays ONLY.

Surgeries are allowed on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. Appointment is required. Please drop your animal off between 8:00 am and 9:00 am, Please note, cats must be brought in a carrier or, if feral, a trap. Plan to pick up your animal between 3:00 and 4:00 pm the same day. If you are a resident of the city of Chattanooga, Red Bank, & Lakesite please note you are also required to purchase a city license for your cat or dog at an additional cost of $10 per license.

Feline & Canine Trap-Loan Program

Do you live in the city of Chattanooga, Red Bank, or Lakesite and have feral (unowned) cats in your neighborhood? MAC is helping cats through our TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) program! We stabilize the population by preventing births, and returning them to their environment keeps new cats from moving in and having more litters. Traps are available through our Admissions department for a $15 user fee + refundable deposit for residents of the city of Chattanooga.

  • CAT TRAP - $50 ($15 User Fee + $35 Refundable Deposit)
  • DOG TRAP - $200 ($15 User Fee + $185 Refundable Deposit)

If you return the trap in working condition within 10 days you will receive your refundable deposit.

If your trap is not returned within 10 days, $1 per day rental fee will be taken out of your deposit.

All trapped cats brought in for surgery must follow the surgery drop-off guidelines as stated above.

Additional Service Prices:

  • Cryptorchid males are an additional $30
  • In heat or pregnant females are an additional $30
  • All dogs over 75 lbs are an additional $30
  • Umbilical hernia repairs are an additional $30
  • Vaccinations are $20 each
  • Microchips are $20