Sponsor a Kennel

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Sponsoring a kennel or cat condo provides a great opportunity for families, community groups, organizations and companies to make sure the homeless animals at MAC have the best care while at our shelter.

Sponsorship donations help to support our needs as a facility. From feeding more than 400 animals daily to basic veterinary care for more than 4,200 animals per year and everything in between, your donations are helping to save precious lives daily.

A personalized plaque will display your generosity for an entire year and is a great way to publicly show your commitment to helping homeless animals within our community. You can see the samples of the plaques to your left.

Sponsoring a dog kennel or cat condo is a rewarding way to give back, and 'paw' it forward. Your plaque is completely customizable and can be designed to memorialize a beloved past pet, in honor of someone special, or to promote your company or business. All sponsorship plaques are renewed on an annual basis.

Dog Kennel Plaques - $750

Cat Condo Plaques - $500

Have a question? Give us a call! 423-305-7141.