Volunteer of the Month

Karen Paul.jpg

December 2018 - Karen Paul

This month we recognize Karen Paul as our volunteer of the month! Karen has been a dedicated volunteer for many years. From walking dogs to counseling in adoptions, she does it all! Karen helped found our "Golden Nuggets" program, which highlights senior dogs available for adoption.

Thanks Karen! We really appreciate all that you do!


November 2018 - Greg Gould, Dianne Roland, Les Kertay, Cheryl Tompkins, Crystal Spear

We are so grateful to have an amazing photography crew that comes in every week to capture the beauty and personality of our animals. This month we celebrate Dianne Roland, Greg Gould, Cheryl Tompkins, Les Kertay, and Crystal Spear as our volunteers of the month. Almost all the photos of our animals that you see on Facebook, Instagram, or Petfinder came from these great volunteers. We can't thank them enough!

Shelley 2.jpg

October 2018 - Shelley Pickett

Why are these dogs smiling? They want you to know that Shelley Pickett is our volunteer of the month! The dogs always smile when she is around.

Shelley recently received a scholarship to attend a training weekend at Austin Pets Alive in Canine Good Citizenship training. She has brought back a wealth of information that will benefit our dogs and they future adopters. With her guidance we are starting to train our dogs to be quiet in their kennels, to wait while being leashed up, and to walk loosely on the leash. This will expand to include a lot of the Canine Good Citizenship training and test items.

We are so grateful to have Shelley as a volunteer. Her dedication to the mission and the compassion she shows each and every animal are astounding. She's have helped save countless animals through her volunteer work and advocacy. Thank you Shelley!

John Williams.jpg

September 2018 - John Williams

It's fitting that today we honor this month's volunteer of the month - John Williams. John met our transport from South Carolina this morning at 3:30 am to help unload our van and get the dogs settled in. This after meeting the previous night's transport at 1am.

John has been a volunteer for many years and has a soft spot for our big and rowdy dogs. He forges a special bond with these dogs, as he works with them each week. The dogs really respond to his quiet and strong demeanor. John is also instrumental in helping with our big adoption events and with Doggie Paddle every year.

We truly appreciate all that John does for us. And he really went above and beyond this week to help with our hurricane evacuees. Thank you!!!


August 2018 - Molly Beth Shaffer

Congratulations Molly Beth Shaffer, our August Volunteer of the Month! Molly Beth has been volunteering almost a year and has found her niche helping in adoptions. She always has a smile for customers and staff. And she's not afraid to get dirty and pick up poop! These past few weeks she has been a tremendous help cleaning in adoptions while we were down a staff member. In addition to volunteering, Molly Beth is also a foster parent. We can't thank her enough for all she does!

Brandi and Wesson.jpg

July 2018 - Brandi Loy

Congratulations Brandi Loy - July volunteer of the month! Brandi is a rock star dog walker/whisperer. She consistently works with those needed extra attention, whether it's the long term residents or those not adjusting well to shelter life. Her compassion shines through in everything she does. She also helps up keep up with social media, answering questions and providing information about the Center. Thank you Brandi!

"Why do I Volunteer is the question… Well I can give you numerous reasons as to why I volunteer, but to make it simple, it gives me a break from my stress. Whether it is stress from work, health, or home.. McKamey gives me a chance to leave my worries at the door and dive into something more meaningful. I concentrate on what I can do to make the shelter dog’s days a little better.

I bring squeaky toys, high enrichment treats, and have even taken extra courses to learn how to assist with Playgroups--which are instrumental to their development here. Knowing that every time I step into the building I have made one dogs chance of adoption a little greater is amazing. To see the transformation from when they arrived to when they find their forever home is a blessing! "

Paula 2.jpg

June 2018 - Paula Parker

This month we recognize Paula Parker as volunteer of the month! Paula is a great help to us every Thursday when adoptions gets busy with our specials. She assists with the customers, getting dogs in and out of kennels, and can even counsel potential adopters. She's also willing to give anyone a bath - even our giant Great Danes! When we have our big events, she's always right there lending a hand. We appreciate her compassion and dedication. Thank you Paula!

wed vaccine clinic 1.jpg

May 2018: Dr. Jeannette Martin, Gayle Horn, Catherine Powers, and Marianah Hurn

Our volunteers of the month this May are an amazing group of ladies who work every Wednesday at our vaccine clinic. Dr. Jeannette Martin, Gayle Horn, Catherine Powers, and Marianah Hurn are all dedicated and passionate about helping animals and the community members that rely on our services. We couldn't run our clinic with out them! Thank you for all you do!


April 2018: Dee Mullinix Davenport

This month we recognize Dee Mullinix Davenport as our volunteer of the month! When she started volunteering 8 years ago, Dee was worried that she would try to bring them all home. Then she realized she could help many more with her work at the Center. She did adopt our sweet Mini, but only after tireless efforts to try to find her a home.

Dee loves the big dogs, but her MS now prevents her from working with the more exuberant ones. She instead is able to focus her efforts and compassion on the shy, scared dogs, gaining their trust. Working more behind the scenes, Dee has found her niche as our social media queen. She keeps us up-to-date on Facebook, and single-handedly manages our Instagram account. Her efforts to showcase our dogs and cats have lead to countless happy adoptions. Thank you Dee!